Our Service

When your pet is already sick we are taking care of it in the most fastest and careful way! In many cases a regularly health check can help to detect and control diseases at an early stage.

Overview of our services

health check / preventive healthcare

  • vaccination advice
  • nutrition counselling
  • parasite prophylaxis and treatment


We work closely together with specialists with additional services:

  •  Cardiologist and Internists Dr. Hilscher + Dr. Ottenjann (Tierarztpraxis Dr. Sörensen)
  •  Ophthalmology Dr. Allgoewer 
  •  Tierverhaltenstherapeutische Praxis Dr. Werner (specialist for animal behaviour)     




  • urine- und faeces examinations
  • in-house laboratory
  • microscopy
  • blood pressure measurement
  • sonography
  • digital radiography


  • castration
  • tissue surgery
  • femoral head ostectomy
  • denervation
  • routine intubation used in major operations
  • narcosis monitoring with pulse oximetry
  • inhalation anesthesia



  • diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases / allergology



  • professional dental cleaning with ultrasound + polish
  • tooth extraction
  • dentristry of rodents und lagomorphs
    • shorten of Incisivi with cut-off wheel



  • diagnosis with FNA (fine needle aspiration), biopsy und tumor surgery


      in cooperation with Fachpraxis für Tierpathologie Dr. von Bomhard + Dr. Pfleghaar